An Inside Look at Pauli Murray College

  • Welcome to Pauli Murray
    The Main Pauli Murray College Gate
  • Dining Hall with Tower in Background
    The Dining Hall and the Tower
  • Stairwell
    Stairwell by Common Room
  • Head of College's Residence
    Head of College Residence
  • Pauli Murray Dining Hall
    Main Courtyard & Dining Hall
  • Stain Glass Window
    Trumbull Hall Stained Glass Window in Dining Hall
  • Know the Difference
    ... Know the Difference
  • Dining Hall Windows
    The Dining Hall
  • Library Skylight
    The Library
  • View from Fellows' Lounge
    Dining Hall from Fellow's Lounge
  • Stained Glass Window of Osborn Hall
    Osborn Hall Stained Glass Window in Dining Hall
  • Buttery
    The Buttery
  • The Small Tower
    The Small Tower on Prospect Street
  • Buttery with Shield in Frosted Glass
    Our Shield in the Buttery
  • The Tower from Sachem St
    The Tower from the North
August 1, 2017