Arts Facilities and Wellness Room

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Pottery Studio

The pottery studio has the raw materials and equipment needed to produce all kinds of pottery! During the school year, members of the Yale community host (free!) workshops in the studio for students with all levels of experience (including no experience!) to use the machinery and make their own pieces.

Art Studio

The art studio has its own host of materials and equipment for drawing, painting, and other forms of art. The studio is open at set hours throughout the week and is an opportunity for art majors, artists, and all other students abundant opportunities to explore their creative side and develop pieces of art.

Music Practice Rooms

Pauli Murray houses 4 sound-proof music practice rooms, each of which has a piano, music stand, and chairs to allow students of all musical backgrounds and instrument types, as well as vocalists, to practice their music. The practice rooms are accessible 24 hours/7days week, and select practice rooms also include a drum set and a marimba for students who play these instruments but are unable to access them otherwise on campus.

Dance Studio

The college’s dance studio resembles a typical dance studio, with mirrors surrounding the walls and bars for stretching and technique. The studio can be reserved by individuals/small groups as well as by dance groups on campus (like Danceworks or the Yale Dancers) for use as a practice space. 

Wellness Room

Dive into the ball pit, bring your own mug and make some tea, and take a study break in Murray’s Wellness Room! Equipped with a tea station, a mini waterfall, and a zen garden, this new addition to the Murray basement is a great place to relax after a stressful school week, to practice your new yoga poses, and to connect with your inner five-year-old at our coloring station. We welcome you to stop by when you have a chance!