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A message to the Class of 2021

Our beloved Class of 2021,


You are the legendary class, the original LiMurs.  You were newbies with us in the Fall of 2017, rolling in with your families while the paint was literally still drying and when you could still see the seams in the courtyards from where they’d rolled in the turf.  From the very first, your class made the college your own, and not just by claiming the row of tables in front of the servery as yours, but by always looking out for one another, always taking up leadership roles that in older colleges would have gone to older students, always filling the air with enthusiasm and life.  That has never changed.  Your ideas are now Pauli Murray tradition; your generosity of spirit, its culture.  


It has been our honor and privilege to serve you as your Head and Dean.  If resilience is grace in circumstances you would never have chosen, your class has exemplified that quality, with enduring friendships you’ve woven out of the last few years, and even this past one.  You have given us so much joy in these four years, and we are filled with pride for you—not just for all the accomplishments, but for the kind of people you are and the journeys you have traveled here at Yale. We can’t wait to see where you go next, but we hope that some part of your hearts will always be here at Pauli Murray.  


As the song says, “This was home.” 


With lots of LiMur love forever,

Prof T and Dean Rosas